Match Pointe is finally live! It took a while to get here, but I didn’t get here alone. Thank you so very much to my friends that listened to me whine about everything and still read for me. Thank you to the beta readers that kept reading the many drafts. Thank you to the beautiful photography and cover design for the series. Thank you to the beautiful teaser promotional. I love all of them. Thank you for the interior design for the series 😀 Thank you to the bloggers that promoted my books.Thank you to all the promoters. Thank you to the readers and reviewers-I hope you enjoy it. And last but never least, my wonderful DH and Rosco 😀 Both are the light of my life.

I’m now full into my next story. If you didn’t get the chapter one-send me an email: I would love your thoughts on it’s progress. Whatever will be, I’m happy I had a chance to write and share some stories.

This song is Tyler and Scarlet’s song. i loved this song so much growing up I think I played it a billion times.


Love and Play Series.


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