Match Fit’s Brooke

Every story draws from a life experience. Brooke going to a theme restaurant in Time Square was one of my first experiences in New York City. I went on a date to see Phantom of the Opera and we went to a singing themed restaurant. It was cheesy and fun at the same time. I was also a theater wannabe when I was younger. Brooke reminded me of some of the improv people that used to be at the Art school I went to. Her pretend begging like a dog at the door is right out of something one of my friends at the time would do when we were out. She wouldn’t fit with a boring hero. So I went in search of the right man. Knox was first, but he was a bit too low key for a free spirit like Brooke. So I had to search for someone sexy and forward 😀 Dylan. In Match Fit you’ll find they balance each other. When he’s being a dick, Brooke calls him out on it. if Brooke’s lying-Dylan calls her out on it. I love love love these two

together. They made me want to write a series and I wanted a sports story. Since football has been big in our lives, soccer (Celtic to the end for DH) I watched a lot of it. I love NYC so it fit to set the story there and let my imagination with the team roam.

On a personal note, I’ve been writing. One of my friends is reading the draft of a side project I’ve been working on. It’s more in the lines of erotic suspense-it’s has some bdsm, some dark themes, and menage. She said it was just what she was looking for. It was sexy, but it had a story to it that held her interest. That’s everything I was shooting for 😀

Match Fit

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