Cover design for Indiscreet The Agency Dark Affairs Duet is complete and it’s amazing! Once again so very happy to have Sommer and Perfect Pear Creative to do the cover for this book. It fits so perfectly that I was over the moon when she showed me early this morning!

Yes. There are dark elements to the new duet. I don’t think they are extreme, but they are there and so the title (and me right now) should warn you away if that’s not your thing. There are so many other great things going on in this story-mystery, intrigue, humor, suspense. It has it all and one of the best feedbacks I had of late was from a beta reader that said she got so caught up in the story that she forgot she was beta reading it. That makes me really happy.

So again title: Indiscreet The Agency Dark Affairs Duet Book One coming January 2018

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