Indiscreet is the first of the two books in The Agency Duet. Feedback so far has been really positive in the preliminary reads. I could have released this book earlier, but I was trying my best to get further along in the 2nd book to make sure I can release them close together so there won’t be any real wait between books. This is my first Menage and Romance/Erotic Suspense story. This one has some dark elements too. So this one isn’t a sweet sexy story. I think it’s a hell of a ride though. It has a lot of action, twist and turns, and seductive eroticism.

Gia Ruiz is my heroine and I have to say she is my favorite I’ve ever written. She’s strong, sassy, fun, determined, and impulsive. She’s not perfect, but who is 😀 We meet her when she’s making a big change in her life. She’s celebrating starting her life over after her tumultuous marriage and divorce. What’s the hardest thing most women/men find after divorce or ending a relationship –  putting our hot asses back out there 😉 Well in comes The Agency and the mysterious Dane Westbrook (and sultry Elliott Carmichael, but I’m not a spoiler) I’m hoping you’ll give it a read and enjoy the story!

Thank you to the bloggers and readers that helped with the Release Blitz. Thank you to Bare Naked Words. Thank you to the promotion companies. Thank you to HG. Thank you to my friends and family. Thank you to little Rosco that’s at my side right now 😀


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