This has been the most trying year since year one of publishing so far. I guess that’s the way it goes at times. Everything I set out to do this year has went opposite. I feel a bit at my wit’s end at the moment. I’m trying to keep it together and get into the new story. My DH tells me to take my time and that it will come to me. I hope so soon.

I wasn’t going to say anything publically about cockygate. I don’t know anyone. I’m a loner in the writing world. I feel fortunate enough to write and publish. It’s not easy. There is so much that goes into it, but I do it because I love writing. It’s also wonderful to find readers that enjoy the stories. However this situation, in my opinion, isn’t about writing. It’s about hurting people. It’s painful and soul-crushing to read what’s happening. My heart goes out to all that are going through this horrible situation.

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