That’s what I think of myself. I started out one place and went to so many different ones. I think that’s why I enjoy writing character driven stories. What I like to write is sensitive females and loving dominant men. I have written differently of late, but that’s what I really like and most don’t lol  I like the growth and journey in the hero and heroine. I like that they are flawed. Some of my characters are awful, but that’s not their whole story. That’s the journey. That’s the type of stories I have in me to write. I’m always studying craft and getting different opinions to improve. I also read more than romance.  I want to keep learning and growing as a writer. I want to tell better stories. I wish I had an editor friend lmao I bet most people do. Anyway, I’m booking promos for a late month big opportunity and I have a couple of changes to make to Dauntless before I send out the few ARCs. No massive push because this duet is quite niche. I wanted to write it, but I know it’s dark, and Dauntless is a dark romance so there are challenging elements in the story that some of you won’t like. However, I hope the journey keeps you reading.

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