I’m back to the beginning of Paul Crane’s story. I’m doing more rewrites. I don’t have a complete draft, but too many things have changed that I have to go back and make sure everything is right. The most important lesson I’ve learned over the years is that I have to care. I can’t look for those that are reading for me to make the draft better. I feel every rewrite makes the story stronger, and I’m hoping you’ll love their love at the end and want to put this story in your forever pile of books. This draft has been feeling out the characters and getting to know them more and it’s shaping up very well. I’m still worried, but I’m always worried. That’s just who I am.There has been a lot going on in our lives of late. So I’m grateful Vera is there to help me stay social. She’s amazing. Rosco is sparked out, as my DH, says right now. That means I should listen to my draft and start my rewrites. He’s been staying up all night, which keeps me up all night. I’m not cranky though so that makes for a great day. If you find this today, I wish you well.

Life is really short. It’s amazing how short it is. I’m sad for us that stay, but I hope with all my heart there is more after.

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