Agency Duet


The Agency Dark Affairs Duet | Book 1

Even with all of Gia Ruiz's success professionally, a divorce has left her alone with nobody to share her triumphs and successes with.

Eager to get back in the game, she joins The Agency, a discreet and exclusive matchmaking service that can hook her up with the high-powered, gorgeous executive man she craves.

Dane Westbrook is the most seductive and tempting of all the men that The Agency offers. His piercing eyes, smoldering good looks, and enigmatic personality captivate Gia, and Dane is equally interested in Gia.

Despite the sparks that fly between the two, Dane is reluctant to reveal all his cards, and Gia quickly discovers that what should have been a hot, super-charged tryst has turned into a dangerous game; one where the rulebook doesn’t exist, and nothing is quite as it seems.

An innocent mistake soon plunges Gia right into the middle of secrets she was never meant to discover. Can Gia recover in time, or will she stand to lose everything she has worked so hard for?

Warning: Indiscreet is the first of two books from Dark Affairs in The Agency, a series packed with highly-erotic scenes, intrigue, and the darker side of desire. 


The Agency Dark Affairs Duet | Book 2

Recent events have left Gia injured, emotionally bruised and fundamentally violated. ‘The Agency’, known as a high class and elite Match-Making organization, has turned out to be far more expansive and nefarious than she had ever dreamed… and its web has been cast over her life.

With a multi-million-dollar business in the balance, along with new relationships and past mistakes coming to haunt her, Gia must struggle to see through the mire and discover where the truth may hide… or if she knows the truth at all.

Elliot has revealed himself, while Dane is proving just as powerful and charming as he first appeared. Both appear the perfect match for Gia’s battered soul, yet as new rumors and dangers swirl, she is starting to wonder how she can possibly choose between them and if she does, will she lose them both?

Dauntless is the 2nd book in The Agency Dark Affairs Duet. 

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Amélie S. Duncan writes contemporary, erotic romances. Her inspiration comes from many sources, including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her husband and Rosco.