Honestly, I’ve been doing more family stuff of late. It’s been really great. I think that’s the one thing writing takes away from and I want to enjoy our lives too.

Dauntless- less fare release lol New editing takes a month so that is the main chunk of the delay. I should have it back next Friday to prepare for final edits. When they are done, I’m releasing it. I have been on the fence about putting it in KU. I don’t have books there anymore, but Indiscreet started there and I don’t want to disappoint those that read the first book in the duet in KU. So it will be there for the Amazon contract (3 months) and then it will be released wide.

May boxset Love and Play.

Writing-I’m writing Paul Crane’s story. It’s definitely not a fast write for me. I want it to be good and have a strong story. It took many tries to get to Tiger Lily. I’m committed to finishing the story even if it takes me a year.

Website-still plan to have a new website this year


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