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What’s new? The new story. I have the end of 19 and 20 in second draft. I have started chapter 21-epilogue in first. I hope to have all of it in 2nd draft this week. I’m getting feedback through chapter 17 this week. Some are through 13 which I hope to work on before Christmas. That was our deal this year. Overall feedback is good.  No major rewrites recommended.

As some of you know, it’s Knox and Gemma’s story. It’s a spin-off from Match Fit. My first one ever. Let’s see how that goes 😀

We went to see Fantastic Beast. Love it! We didn’t get a tree (the fake one we wanted was out of stock) Bit of a bummer, but not major. Life will go on lol

Thank you for reading the stories.

2 more days to cover. I’m excited.

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