I’m working on the epilogue for my WIP. I don’t know if I want to call it Match Made. I may seek out a better title for the story. Got any ideas?  I’m awaiting more beta critiques. It looks like something new might be on the horizon there to make it easier. I got an email today for something new. I’m very interested in making things easier.

Overall, all the feedback has helped make the story/characters better. The scenes have improved. The addictions beneficial.  I’m really loving Gemma and Knox together. i think even if you didn’t like them in Match Fit, you’ll love them the new story. I think it’s sweet and sexy.

The next story I’m writing won’t be so sweet. I’ve not put out a dark story for a while, but I’m thinking of writing one again. I promised to write a menage story and I am. So if I finish the epilogue this week, I’ll be moving full into the back stories of my new characters. I love the creative process. I have so many ideas going on in my head. It’s great fun.

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