Early Morning Start

So where is Dauntless? I have been working with an Alpha Reader, She found issues with the Dauntless draft and I’ve been rewriting to improve some parts of the story. She doesn’t seem to mind the billions of drafts so far so I’m really over the moon. It has to be ready and that’s more important to me than rushing it to publish.

I’m not used to writing Romantic Suspense. It’s like a lot of puzzle pieces that must be put in place or it collapses. I have to say I absolutely love writing it. It’s really awesome.

I was backing up my laptop on the external hard drive when came across one of my really early drafts of Tiger Lily and I cringed. It was so awful. Maybe you think the finish one is too lmao, I don’t care lol  Anyway, In the draft, it had maybe a million explanation points, not to mention a lot of weirdness in it. It made me cringe, but it also made me feel good because I didn’t give up. Those early drafts marked the first time in my life when I did something I was happy doing and not trying to prove something to someone else. It was the first time I was truly passionate about something.

Indie publishing came (still comes) with a lot of bad experiences, but I don’t let that keep me down. I keep going. Life goes on.

Writing continues to change my world. I still feel that way, every time I open my laptop to write. I get excited. I love it.


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