Sick and exhausted. I’m waiting for another round of feedback on my work in progress. One of the feedbacks came back to say it’s the best book I’ve ever written. While others are more concerned with the dark themes within it. Honestly, I’d say it’s more ambitious than my ability right now. That doesn’t mean I will give up on it. I love writing. I love learning. I’d of stayed in college the rest of my life and never graduated lol And I’ll continue to work on the story to make it as great as I can. I like my heroine and her spirit. Some characters I really just enjoy writing. I spend so much time on their background that I feel I know them. This new book is full of mystery and secrets. So they’re not as easy. I don’t like the heroine in my comedy story so now I may have to find a new one.

So much to do, and enough ramblings.It’s bedtime.

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