A real break

My vacation post was a bit of a downer so I decided to rewrite it. I’m looking forward to getting away.

I’m currently rewriting chapters 8-11 of my work in progress. Chapter 12-14 are still in very very first draft. This is still an overall first draft. I know it’s taking me a while, but I feel the break between each chapter and fresh perspective helps improve the story. I’m not as familiar with dominant stories. I just write what I like to read. I’m feeling positive about this story, but it needs work to make the direction concrete, which will come in the second draft. I have one more in this vein I want to write that will be related to this group of TL stories and then I want to add in at least one more Matchbook. It’s a toss-up between the keeper (goalie as they say here) and another striker. They are quick and easy reads. I hope that’s what you think when you read Match Fit, Made and Pointe. They are for fun! I hope you find them fun.

There are a few books I’m considering removing from my backlist. I feel they don’t really fit with what I want to have as my books. I’ll be making those changes next year.


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