Dauntless is a Dark Romance. I’d consider The Agency Dark Affairs Duet an Erotic Suspense. The story picks up right where Indiscreet left off. It is not a standalone book.

If you had read the first book, you’d know The Agency Gia went to for match-making after her divorce wasn’t as Gia went through a lot and came out the other side with Dane Westbrook and Elliott Carmichael. Along with a whole new set of challenges and trials. It’s far from over, and that is the best part. Dauntless: Gia’s story continues and ends in the final half of the Dark Affairs Duet.

In this story, Gia finds romance and in the end, she will have her happily ever after. But in between will be an intriguing, sexy, thrilling ride that at one point will have you on the edge of your seat.

I received a lovely message this morning. It really lifted my spirits, thank you! Thank you to everyone that reads and enjoys the stories. It means a lot to me.