I’ve been watching the world cup and thinking about the Love and Play Series. I feel very inspired that way, but I’m focusing on Paul Crane’s Contemporary Billionaire Romance. I’ve decided to start over. I think I can salvage a couple of things from the draft. Sometimes that happens. I wrote maybe 8 different drafts of Tiger Lily to the end and had to restart again in development. Actually all the books went through a series of drafts. With maybe hundreds of saved files. It’s really sad lol This happened with Dauntless. I had a full draft of it when I finished Indiscreet, but that never means it’s ready to release. It took months again of reworking the draft to make it right and to the best of my ability right now before trying to get the editing complete. Of course now I would change the books if I were to go back again. It works for me, but it doesn’t make it a better story or better than anyone else that doesn’t take as long as I do.  The main problem I usually find with a story is the hero and heroine don’t have a well developed background. When I know everything about the characters it’s easier to write. My recent approach to my new draft has been I need to write this book more than feeling where the chemistry of the story is going. So a new start and, I hope, a better story. Even if that sets me back. I’m grateful to all that went through the many, many drafts over the years with me.