Amy’s looking at the end chapters of Dauntless again for me (Thank you). I should have it back from her this week. Once I have it back, and it all makes sense lol, I’ll be preparing the book for editing, which I hope to send out next week Friday.

The cover day is April 30th. Very excited to have that going. It will probably be a low key release for the duet. So announcement here, and social media probably and my new newsletter. I’m considering letting Indiscreet leave KU when the contract ends on May 12th, Dauntless, will be available in KU for three months on it’s release. Both books will be moved to wide release this year.

I have a promo scheduled for TLSeries, May 1-4th. So if you haven’t read it, you may want to keep a look out for a discount on it. I’m supposed to be updating the files with links since I’ve changed my email company. Hopefully this weekend.

I’ll probably boxset Love and Play before the summer. I had wanted to write Javier’s story first, but that’s just me. I like the character. He reminds me of my most favorite player.

I’ve decided to devote a few days to Paul’s story to get that moving. I also have a comedy story/series I have a great heroine for that I’m dying to write too. Busy bee.