7000-word count into my new story. Small progress, but progress all the same. I’m a week away from getting Indiscreet back from copy-editing. I’m still debating the rest of the release stuff. SO much going on in my life that it gets hard to focus on writing. I must because I want to get a rough draft before the release of the first book in the duet.

I was thinking about bullying today and cliques. Growing up I was bullied a lot. It happened so much that now I can’t even see any good in me. I have a really negative self-image. I tried just about everything out there to break it, but nothing has worked so far. I would say to anyone out there that thinks it’s funny to bully and demean others that you never know how much your words can destroy. Anyway, I’m on the look-out for teaser images so I better keep on refreshing my computer or I’ll end up missing out. I wish you a happy week 😀