That’s the rebirth period of Romance books. Some mark the awakening at the widely popular explosion of Fifty Shades of Grey. Others might say Poughkeepsie. All I know is that everything changed. It was an rebirth for me as a reader. I read romance and other genres, but I wasn’t reading as much as I used to. The stories felt too much of the same. I’d have to wait for a mood instead of  anticipation. This would still happen with some series and authors mostly paranormal or paranormal romance series (J.R. Ward, Jeannie Frost, Karen Moning, Laurell K. Hamiilton, Charlaine Harris, G.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling and may more). But those stories took time and I still love their time. I love the stories. However, Romance stories didn’t move me until this special time. Most of my favorite authors are within these few years. Every book just blew me away. New Adult, Dark,  Erotic Romance all new stories and categories. These great books were the reason I bought a kindle e-reader. I didn’t want to wait a minute on delivery. I wanted to read those book now and I devoured every word. Goodreads  and the readers there were my connection. The bloggers were my guide. I visited their websites and they kept me up to date on what I might have missed. I was never disappointed. I planned libraries of paperbacks that I’d want to keep forever from this beautiful renaissance. By the time I thought to write was later. But I never forget that good feeling I had back then. I lost it when I started writing myself, but I still love and forever will love that time. The reason I thought of this was the release of Driven movie. Seeing the images in the trailer warmed my heart. I was immediately transported back to the first time I read the book. Anyway, I’m just rambling and reminiscing on good times.