Dreams Trilogy

Piper Dreams- Seize it
Dreams Trilogy | Book 1

Piper needs an adventure. Brody's looking for an escape. Can two people, one with a broken past, one with an uncertain future, find what they didn't even know they needed on the open road?

"If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!"

"Anyone with a heart should read this story…" - Reviews

Journalist hopeful, Piper Rowe is searching for a story--the perfect lead to get her a coveted spot on a prestigious journalism team.

 Running into a cross-country biker group just might be the serendipitous happening she needs.

The only problem?

Their sexy and protective gatekeeper Brody doesn't want her there

But after a threatening altercation riles him, Brody relents, suddenly feeling the need to protect Piper.

As Piper and Brody begin their quest to realize their dreams, they discover running is never the answer.

 Can two people, one with a broken past, one with an uncertain future, find what they're looking for on the open road?

Piper Dreams - Live it

Dreams Trilogy | Book 2

Piper and Brody's Dream Trilogy Continues

Recent events have left Piper reeling.

Blackmailed, put out, and financially floundering have set her back from her dreams.

On top of that, her heart is caught between Brody and his duty over the potential of their love. Yet it is a choice that haunts him.

Devastated and lost, Piper has to rebuild a life that crumbled in moments and makes a difficult choice that may change everything.

Piper Dreams - Write it

Dreams Trilogy | Book 3

Piper and Brody's Dream Trilogy Concludes. 

The ups and downs of love and living have brought Piper low then raised her to the heights of devotion – but things can never seem to stay easy.

After finding herself back in Boston with Brody's love potentially secured, he leaves her yet again, spawning questions that receive a devastating answer, leading Brody back to Seren's side, without telling Piper. and without telling her a secret that may change both of their lives.

When she gets the call, Piper does the only thing she can do – hop a plane and go to Colorado Springs.

Her family needs her, her friends need her and Brody needs her, even if he will not admit it.

There, Piper's life continues its tumultuous spiral as revelations and hard truths are spoken and the glowing light that binds them all threatens to burn out.  ​​

Dreams Trilogy Box Set

The Complete  Trilogy | Books 1-3

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Amélie S. Duncan writes contemporary, erotic romances. Her inspiration comes from many sources, including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her husband and Rosco.