The Billionaire’s Devotion


When it comes to loving a Billionaire, be careful what you wish for…

If you’ve read the papers, you know my name. Nadia Sokol, sugar baby, kept woman. Now, I’m something more.

I’m the girlfriend of Billionaire Paul Crane.

But no matter how much I love Paul, I’m still not sure I can live in his world.

Or if I can trust what we have is real.

That’s why he’s given me space, to think about what I really want.

To pursue my career, a design internship in Paris.

Time to heal after enduring the brutal attacks of the press, as well as those who sought to tear us apart.

But now I’m starting to wonder if that’s really what I need.

Because working with my new mentor, Hayden Madsen, feels less like healing and more like…temptation.

For once, all my dreams are about to come true.

But one look into Paul’s eyes, and I’m ready to risk it all.

Is Paul ready to take the same chance on me?

The Billionaire’s Devotion is not a standalone. It’s a continuation from The Billionaire’s Arrangement and The Billionaire’s Fascination. The Release Date is November 5th. Preorder Available.