The Billionaire’s Fascination


Paul Crane has everything except for the one thing he truly wants…Me.
I know what you’re thinking. Young design student. Rich, handsome billionaire.
I’m a kept woman, a sugar baby. That’s what all my friends say, at least. And maybe they’re right.
Paul Crane has it all: wealth, fame, and stunning good looks.
Despite all that, I ran as far away from him as I could–all the way back home.
Back to my loving family, endless medical bills, and twisted past.
But Paul can’t seem to stop rescuing me…even from myself.
He’s willing, and all I must give him is everything. And I do, all the way to Rome.
It’s like a dream come true. But really, it’s just a fantasy, and I want the real thing.
Deep down, I know Paul loves me, but grief and fear have trapped his heart in chains.
And now, I may have just ruined my one chance at setting our love free…
*The Billionaire’s Fascination is not a standalone book. It continues the first book in The Kept Trilogy, The Billionaire’s Arrangement.*
Cover Reveal April 14th. The book will be released on April 23, 2023.


The Billionaire’s Fascination is a certified one hand read. Whew! Talk about toe-curling?! This series is every billionaire romance reader’s fantasy! It feeds my romance book junkie heart with all the trimmings. It’s like a Christmas gift to my book loving soul. This story is BRILLANT my book peeps."-Review

"I love, love, love The Billionaire’s Fascination!...I love all the books that I have read by Amélie S. Duncan, but I think this is her best series so far. If I could give more than 5 STARS I would."-Review

"I absolutely loved book one, but book two, holy smokes! What an emotional roller coaster. To say this is a 5/5 feels like an insult for how amazing this book is. The story, growth, and depth of the characters, the struggle for both Paul and Nadia. Ugh, I just loved it. I loved watching Nadia grow in this book, finding her strength and confidence, having more faith in herself, and uncovering more about her past. Then Paul, oh my swoon-worthy Paul. As if I couldn’t love you enough already, you melted my panties in this book. I loved watching his walls come down, slowly letting Nadia in the best way he can and watching them navigate this new relationship. It’s not an easy road for either of them between pasts, the public, and trying to figure out who to trust in this new world Nadia finds herself, Paul’s need to protect her at all costs makes for one epic story. This was a hard review to write because no matter what i wrote, it wouldn’t do the book justice. 🥰🥰"-Review

"So I waited what felt like forever for this second book, and it did not disappoint in fact, I feel so far it is my favorite of the two books.. this storyline keeps you addicted, and you will struggle to put it down."-Review

"Paul and Nadia are so good together. The chemistry between these two is off the charts, and the spicy scenes in this book are HOT. I absolutely love the continuous world-building and character development in this series. The descriptions of the different places that Nadia and Paul visited really made me feel like I was exploring Rome with them! I felt like we saw more of the real Paul in this book, and if you thought he was swoony in the first book, well, that's nothing compared to this one! This book was an emotional rollercoaster ride from the very beginning. I think I experienced every possible emotion whilst reading it, and that ending........ WOW, be prepared for that, and definitely bring the tissues."-Review

"The character development of both Paul and Nadia is just amazing. The ending was emotional, and I’m on the edge of my seat, annoyed I’m now in for another wait to finish this trilogy with the final book. An absolute must-read if you love billionaire romance with a little something extra!!"-Review

"Book 2 picks up where book 1 finished so make sure you’ve read that. Ok, I’m officially emotionally damaged from this book. The last 100 pages had me feeling all the emotions! Get a wine, chocolate and some tissues ready! Definitely worth the read if you’re after an alpha billionaire who struggles to be loved and a strong but vulnerable MFC who just wants the person she loves to love her."-Review

"My heart is broken after finishing this book Just like the last time the spice rate is 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️I felt like this book was more intricate in it’s detail, so I enjoy it more than the last one. I definitely recommend people to read it."-Review