To Amélie S. Duncan
Contemporary Romances

Amélie S. Duncan, an introvert and a passionate, creative writer, has published several enticing books and now runs her online bookstore. Although she considers herself uncool, her head is always brewing innovative ideas and plots to entrap and bewitch readers.

About Me

Duncan loves to challenge herself and experiment by writing on various genres. Her books usually vary from erotic billionaire age-gap D/S, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, sports, nerdy rom-com, dark psychological suspense, and coming-of-age.
Her unique artistry of interlacing multiple themes in her books never fails to enrapture the reader’s attention.
Duncan aims to take her readers on memorable journeys and immersive tales through her dynamic characters that will tug at one’s heartstrings and leave readers breathless. Her knack for crafting spellbinding stories will make one believe in Happily-Ever-Afters.
Currently, she is living with her doppelganger personality and an awesome golden retriever Rosco on the West Coast of the US

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What Readers are Saying:

The Billionaire’s Compantion (Tiger Lily Trilogy)

Enjoyed this series from beginning to end, defy you not to fall in love with Jonas !! Steamy love story
I would give this book 10 stars if I could!
All three had the same affect. Incredibly well written, a joy to read
I cried. Laughed. Was pissed. Even annoyed. Sweep off my feet with love. Everyday fairytale

Match Made (Love And Play Series)
“The story will have you laughing and swooning.”
“It will grip you, snuggle up, and tease you.”
“I didn’t want it to end.”
“A must read.”

Match Pointe (Love And Play Series)
“This book makes you believe in love and happy endings.”
“I would definitely reread this book again and again.”
“You are hooked into the world that these two create.”
“Everything I read was perfect, a whole masterpiece!”